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Blog post - 80s clothes worn a 90s way

No Label

At CHILLIE we believe that there should be no label on clothes there is never a gender in mind just buying clothes that we should all be able to wear and feel good in ....clothes that make us happy! All our clothes we buy and sell remain genderless there isn’t a person in mind just amazing clothes. A little something for everyone. This is really what fashion should be about, clothes free from judgement just based on individual self-expression.

Recently stylist Kyle de Volle wrote this on his Instagram,  ‘Everyone should be able to present themselves how they want. This is not a new thing it existed for centuries. Let’s all focus on ourselves and let people express themselves how they want. We have to lead by example.’

Numerous other designers have been showcasing both menswear and womenswear together in recent seasons too. Alessandra Michele has also redefined GUCCI continuing to support androgynous models wearing his ungendered clothing.

Harry Styles, Jaden Smith and Kanye West are huge role models for the younger generations and at CHILLIE we are always referencing incredible icons from the 80’s and 90’s for inspiration. These include Kurt cobain who famously wore a dress on the cover of The Face, Prince and David Bowie in the 80’s continuing to push gender boundaries.

Genderless dressing has been going on for centuries and documented over thousands of years, we are not the first but we must try and get back to those ideas and continue to break down boundaries on how we view clothing.

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