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Blog post - 80s clothes worn a 90s way


First impressions…do they count?!

Sensory factors such as how a person looks, sounds and smells initiates much of the impressions we make when we meet someone new. Body language during initially meeting someone is more important than the words communicated.

So do first impressions count? Whether they do or don’t matter to you, we think that one of the first thing's that people do notice about someone's outfit is their jacket. A jacket can tell you a lot about someone, we think it can be the ultimate first impression. At CHILLIE we want to make wearing clothes fun, it doesnt matter the shape or style of a jacket as long as you love it and its compliments your vibe. It should be a jacket that makes you feel next level, confident and happy.

Based on these fun facts, we spoke to the absolutely fabulous (excuse the pun), freelance journalist Victoria Moss. She regularly writes for The Sunday Times and Vogue and has a great vision of the world and fashion. She has come up with these brilliant personas to compliment some of our favourite CHILLIE jackets and hopefully they will inspire you to be the person you feel like being today! ‘Meet the Chillies’ …. our jackets personified which one will you be?!


“I just took off one Wednesday. We rode straight out to the coast and followed the sea round for around 100 miles before we hit the cliffs. We skirted around and went inland. We’ve been staying next to a wind farm now for a couple of days. Feels like being in Oz, man. Think we’ll head off tomorrow. Maybe. Thinking of heading north. Life without a plan. Works for me.”


“I had my trainer at 5 this morning. I was getting coffee at 7. Office by 8. Fired my assistant at 11. I did a lunch with some hedge fund guy. What a prick! They all want to invest. I’m picky though. Really really picky. You gotta be in this town. I’m not letting any old Mayfair chancer get their hands on it. They call me the red queen. They’ve not seen anything yet.”


“DARLING!!!” Have you been yet? You MUST COME! It’s divine darling, divine. You’d LOVE it. Oh, say you’ll come! We’ll be up all night! I know the door man. He’s DIVINE! He’ll love you! Honestly you must come! We’re all going. I’ve got a little bit of lamé here with your name on it! Let’s get it on!”


“We were in town, and you’ll never guess, the most ghastly thing happened. They sat us at table 12. Can you imagine? The horror. The humiliation! I said, “Dearest, did the nanny book this table? We can’t sit here.” Sweetly Jerome recognised me before they brought out the entrée and we got moved. But god, imagine. Imagine being happy at table 12. Can you imagine? Oh you’re sweet. It’s darling no? I got it at this darling little vintage place. I know! Vintage! Isn’t it just darling?”


“I married a cowboy. We met at a truck stop in Idaho. He calls me honeypie which I sorta love and hate at the same time. Once a year I’ll escape back into the city, nurse a few fingers of whisky at the bar until the game starts. Usually I cash out around 2 so I can catch the red eye back to the ranch. I’ll be cracking fresh eggs over a pan before he even comes downstairs.”

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