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Blog post - 80s clothes worn a 90s way

80s clothes worn in a 90s way

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

We are obsessed with 80’s clothing but the key to feeling modern and wearing

decades it to keep it current and what better trending decade to reference is the infamous 90’s. Great pair of vintage Levi’s with 80’s bodies, over sized sweats with cycling shorts, colourful tailoring in boxy shapes, vintage T-shirt’s with skinny 80’s jeans and shell suits who can ever forget them! We won’t want to wear everything and some of you might feel you have already been through these years too many times but the key to our work is the constant mix of decade dressing keep things real and up to date but just being you in how you wear them. Don’t ever be afraid to have some fun and be you! It’s up to you to try something new!


Colourful bodies making things modern against acid wash jeans

Jodhpurs and shirts it’s a look

Leather and denim you can never go wrong

Cycling shorts under cycling shorts with the infamous 90’s biker boot

Stunning tailoring in block colours and giant shoulders

Vintage T-shirt’s and chokers with a great pair of jeans

Look for oversized white T-shirt’s

The leather jeans and long sleeve tshirt so 90’s

Modern 90’s white Tonal dressing with the 89’s shell suit twist

Kurt Cobain chillie icon floral dresses have never looked so good


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