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Boxing Day Sales: How to Shop Smart

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Chillie London on how to navigate the post-Christmas slump

Now that we're at the start of December it's now that time of year when it's acceptable to spend large sums of money in the name of holiday gifting and overindulge in all of the festive treats that your heart desires. But what comes after? The inevitable spendathon comedown which brands will cleverly use to push you towards even more retail therapy to soothe the empty week between Christmas day and the new year.

Now if there's one thing you should have gathered by now is that we're not ones to turn our noses up at a bargain, quite the opposite. We also love fashion, obviously; and as-well as bringing the coolest pre-loved pieces to the masses we also love showing people how you can avoid constantly buying new things. So here are our top tips for navigating the Boxing day sales, without any regretful purchases.

Remember the golden rule, ask yourself 'Do I really need this?' - ask it when you're browsing the crammed sale sections, website pages or social feeds; ask when you're adding to bag or strolling over to the till, ask when you're about to hit 'checkout' or hand over your card. If the answer at any time is anything other than '100% yes' then don't buy it. If you have to convince yourself: red flag.

Think about what you've just gotten. Have I already been gifted something that's similar? Can I exchange one of my gifts that I'm not too keen on to make space for something I actually want? We've just had a whole day, week, month of gifting, and chances are there's probably one or two items you've accepted out of politeness whilst mentally envisioning yourself shoving it to the back of your closet the second you can. But if you spot something you truly want in a sale, then why not free up some room - there's no shame in returning, exchanging or even regifting - we won't tell...

Don't get locked in. Shops will sneakily add in final sale and no-return clauses on some or all of their sale items which when you're under the spell of the elusive 'limited deal' or 'final markdown' can sometimes be all too hard to spot. If you change your mind, tough luck, you're stuck with it leaving you with annoyingly limited options. Banished to the dark recesses of your home storage, off to the charity shop or hastily listed on eBay, whatever the outcome you've still made a loss.

Plan a new years clear out. Why waste the prospects of a brand new year on the same few resolutions that you know by January10th will be totally out of the window. Instead take a day to go through all of your clothes, shoes and accessories to make way for all of the new things you've acquired over the festive season. Donate anything you don't wear to charity, list online or go one step further and do a carboot sale one morning and make back some extra spending money.

Try and find it pre-loved. Love an item for it's colour, print, style or other specific feature? Do some online digging and see if you can find something similar that's pre-loved and give it a new lease of life. Love the brand? Do a quick eBay or Depop search. Sometimes you might even be able to score the exact same piece at a much better price a few weeks after the sale ends. Or you can always cut to the chase and shop our hand-picked selection of pre-loved fashion, which we know you'll wear again and again.

Happy shopping everyone!

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