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Blog post - 80s clothes worn a 90s way

Chillie London x M.C.Overalls

M.C.Overalls & Chillie London have combined to produce a limited edition capsule collection and fitting tribute to up-cycled fashion. Celebrating authenticity and quality craftsmanship, this collab builds on the relationship between changing habits and the awareness of a new generation of consumer in a post pandemic environment. 


Fast fashion has made space for a brighter vision of nostalgia and sustainable creativity. This  capsule collection is comprised of 20 pieces. ChillieLondon have revisited some of M.C.Overalls signature styles and colourways from the iconic to the brand’s tried & tested staples. Pieces include, Overalls, Work jackets, Coach jackets combined with Chillie’s vision of second hand bomber jackets and vintage workwear pieces. 


With a focus on reducing the environmental impact and promoting a greener future, Chillie London have been sourcing 90’s style bombers jackets, workwear,  waistcoats and other hardware and textiles.  Using rejected padding, textures and layers from all parts of a jacket, they have recreated a new style of jacket to define what up-cycling is all about.  The jackets are functional but also several styles have multiple options and ways of styling.  Layered with waistcoats to style over or under a jacket some of these pieces have 3 to 4 ways to wear them.  The idea is to have a piece that can be styled in many ways to add to the sustainability of the piece.  


‘Our vision for the future is to keep producing up-cycled collections that hopefully inspire other brands to do the same rather than over producing with with huge amounts of wasted clothing.’ Says Natalie Hartley, co- founder of Chillie London


She added ‘We want to work with brands that are aligned with our vision about sustainability.  M.C.Overalls have iconic pieces produced and designed to a high level with great quality which remains the benchmark for a sustainable brand.  We love their simplicity, modern easy dressing which mirrors our approach to fashion.  Each piece has been the perfect blank canvas for us to create from staying true to their vision with a little spice from Chillie.  



‘Upcycling can be the new recycling for fashion.  It has to be this way we are here to make sure this does keep happening’ says Lydia co- founder of Chillie London 


Prices start at £175 and go up to £350. 

Available from the 11th October 2023 at the new Chillie London store on 361 Portobello Rd, London W10 5SA.


The full collection is now available online

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