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Label-Hunter: Brands to look for when buying Vintage

When you're out hunting for vintage treasures, the vast array of mostly unfamiliar labels and brands can bring a whole new level to the already vastly varied world of vintage and pre-loved shopping. We've put together a guide to our favourite brands to look out for when you're securing your next vintage haul.


Originally a Denim brand started in the early 1980's started by brothers Georges, Maurice, Armand, and Paul Marciano. Still going strong today Guess has since launched several diffusion and even a home-wear line - but like many things their classic vintage pieces from it's heyday are the most sought after.

Hailed as one of the first ever brands to produce designer-jeans. Guess is mostly remembered for it's iconic ad campaigns which featured celebrities and models from Claudia Schiffer (above), Anna Nicole Smith and Naomi Campbell to Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore and Adriana Lima. Guess is the brand to search for if you're after seriously sexy wardrobe staples and figure-hugging denim.

Morgan de Toi

Starting as a lingerie brand in Northern France but soon evolving to clothes, accessories and even fragrances. It's one of those retro brands from the 90's that made a comeback due to to the trend cycles fixation on y2k aesthetics. The 2000's era of Morgan de Toi has become acclaimed amongst vintage sellers due to it's signature graphic prints, sassy separates and slinky going-out tops.

There's always a rich offering of OG Morgan pieces online, often at bargain prices. So if you're after seriously cute and flirty pieces then get on it! Before the Depop sellers snap them up first.

Versace Jeans Couture

Italian fashion house Versace has been an iconic name since it was founded in the 1970's by the late great Gianni Versace. Whilst Versace's main line is known for it's luxurious pieces with designer price-tags; with some original 90's Gianni Versace label dresses costing in the 1000's. The labels diffusion lines have become extremely popular vintage finds for trendy, youthful pieces at slightly more affordable price-points.

Beating out Versus Versace and Versace Collection; Versace Jeans Couture (VJC) is not only the one diffusion line still in production today, it's also the most sought after for vintage offerings. Immortalised by legendary advertising photographed by Richard Avedon, VJC is the one to watch if you're after gorgeous Italian denim, graphic tees and iconic prints.

Tommy Hilfiger

One of the quintessential American brands, since their debut in the late 80's Hilfiger has reached acclaim for it's blend of Americana, preppy sportswear & street style and has been worn by Beyoncé, Aaliyah and Britney Spears amongst many other global superstars.

Synonymous with that cool yet casual look. Loved for it's prominent branding, slogans and prints Vintage Tommy is definitely one for label-heads who want to emulate their favourite celebs from the 90's.

Ralph Lauren

Tommy Hilfiger's slightly more preppy cousin. Founded in 1967 as a line of men's ties before evolving into a global brand producing mid-range to high fashion. Ralph Lauren's country club chic along with the everlasting cool of the iconic Polo line have made the brand a mainstay in the contemporary fashion world, inspiring endless collabs, reeditions and communities of specialist vintage resellers who exclusively stock Raplhie pieces.

After those varsity-esque, comfy yet cool, practical yet stylish pieces? Then Ralph Lauren is the brand for you. You can also hunt out classic mens tailoring, sporty outerwear and cozy winter knits. Some places price vintage Ralph pretty steeply, so be sure to shop around to find the best bargains.

St Michael

A brand owned by Marks & Spencer from the 1920's all the way to 2000 - Yes we know that might be an immediate turn off for some but hear us out. The label has seen a resurgence in vintage selling, with their retro slip dresses, 80's knits and elegant outerwear proving popular. So much so that M&S announced they're reviving the label in 2022.

For the more 'classic' vintage lovers in a more accessible range of sizes and price points. St Michael pieces range from 60's dresses, deadstock 90's lingerie and tailoring to sporty outerwear, floral granny-chic prints and men's shirts. There's plenty to sift through online and in vintage stores (or maybe even your mums wardrobe) and there are some real classic gems out there.

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