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Blog post - 80s clothes worn a 90s way

The Island Collection

Introducing 'The Island Collection, by Chillie London. Inspired by pub culture and local community, during the height of the pandemic when everyone was missing their family, friends and ways of socialising. 

Chillie London founders Natalie Hartley and Lydia Mcneill believe pub culture is at the forefront of bringing people together. The Island Collection includes both sustainably sourced and vintage sweaters that feature original pub beer towelling mats, up-cycled and stitched across the front. Each bespoke with different logos and messages to individually suit.

Every sustainable version of the sweater also features a QR code label that when scanned will show detail of where and who made the product.

Natalie Hartley and Lydia Mcneill – Founders, Chillie London

'During covid we all missed socialising with family and friends. The area we both live in Kensal Green and Harlesden has a very close community, where the local pubs are a regular meeting point. Post lockdown and in the interim of places fully reopening, one of our friends designed a fully equipped 'pub' at the end of their garden, to bring people back together. It was there that the beer mats sourced for this, inspired us to upcycle and create these designs for the Island Collection sweaters. When people wear these we want them to feel happy and nostalgic'. 'As we further researched and began sourcing the beer mats, we started to hear stories from friends who shared a similar nostalgia. Friend of the brand, Miquita Oliver clearly remembers her Uncle collecting beer mats and her grandma still has the collection stored away at home.  We have tracked many rare styles since the idea began, which are not just about the look, but the sense of belonging that each jumper portrays'.

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